Seven Castles in the Weser Hills

Dear Readers,
Dear Visitors to our enchanting castles and stately homes in the Weser Hills,

Over the centuries, the history and fortunes of great princely and aristocratic families have left their mark on the area lying between the Rivers Leine and Weser. As a result, there are numerous testimonies to centuries past waiting to be discovered in this region: architectural gems of the Weser Renaissance and neo-Gothic periods left behind by noble families and other well-to-do citizens. In these castles, palaces and stately homes, with their celebrated porcelain collections and lovely parks, you can experience a thrilling encounter with the courtly culture of the Weser Renaissance period.

We cordially invite you to make a tour encompassing these great houses, and so to discover this particularly beautiful region of Germany. We have a number of attractive packages to offer you, and would also be pleased to make individual arrangements for you or your party.

Allow yourself to be carried away into this enchanted land, where you can discover Hamelin, the town of the Pied Piper, a whole series of fairy-tale palaces and historic buildings that are among the most important in Germany, and a range of highly diverse events. We hope you will enjoy your journey, and will return home with a wealth of unforgettable experiences.

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