Fürstenberg Castle

fb-galerie-04A monument of Weser Renaissance

The Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Weser Uplands. The castle complex – a monument of Weser Renaissance – is home to a museum with its Visitors’ Workshop and the Manufactory Store.

The days when a visit to the museum meant dusty display cases, long text panels and, by all means, not touching anything, are in the past. With its innovative exhibition concept, digital portrayals and lots of hands-on exhibits, the new MUSEUM SCHLOSS FÜRSTENBERG shows how much fun a visit to the museum can be for the whole family.

The new observation deck, 80 m above the river Weser, offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Weser valley. The newly designed castle courtyard with open access provides interesting information about the history of the castle and the manufactory thanks to “historical windows”.

galerie_museum_schloss_fuerstenberg_desoches_saal_1MUSEUM SCHLOSS FÜRSTENBERG

After a year and a half of extensive renovation and restoration work, since 2017 the museum is barely recognisable. The new, thematic structure of the exhibition invites visitors to pursue their own interests as they embark on a journey of discovery through the world of porcelain. With the slogan “Experience, Understand, Create”, the fascinating transformation in dining culture from 1747 to the present day can be discovered in a unique way.And in many places, the exhibition is decidedly ‘hands-on’.

Although the renaissance-exterior of Schloss Fürstenberg, built as a hunting lodge for Duke Heinrich-Julius of Brunswick, has scarcely changed, visitors entering the facility will be immersed in a modern museum world.

Even the first impression comes as a surprise: The historic staircase is beaming in fresh white. The uniform colour scheme of white, black and gold continues throughout the entire exhibition. The exhibition rooms, which are named for people from the FÜRSTENBERG history, are all dedicated to a particular aspect and its transformation down through time.

The Visitors’ Workshop attaches great importance to visitor participation and experimentation. There are four workstations where manufactory staff show the secrets of their craftsmanship.



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