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The palace-like edifice of the Abbey at Corvey, founded in the years 815-822 by Emperor Louis the Pious in realisation of the plans of his father Charlemagne, spans almost 1,200 years of architecture, art and history. Corvey lies at the heart of a region whose tradition of culture and husbandry of the land goes back centuries; it is located directly on the Weser cycle path and close to a landing stage for river boats.

Between the 9th and 12th centuries Corvey was one of the most important spiritual, cultural, economic and political centres of northern Europe. It was a place of wide renown that was visited by numerous rulers. Much of the impetus for the Christianisation of the northern and eastern regions of the continent originated from here. Today, as then, Corvey is the cultural focus of the region and the most important cultural heritage site on the upper Weser. The 7,000 sq.m. site is the seat of the Höxter-Corvey Cultural Circle, which with its museum is one of the major cultural institutions in the region of East Westphalia-Lippe, and thus an important stimulating factor for culture and tourism in the region.

corvey2The early medieval west end of the original church, in which the oldest paintings in Westphalia are to be found, the baroque abbey building with its 113-metre-long façade and the princely library are highlights of this very important monastic complex.

The former Imperial Abbey, idyllically situated in a bend of the River Weser in the immediate vicinity of the town of Höxter, has applied to UNESCO to be designated as a World Heritage Site.

The Höxter-Corvey Cultural Circle, with its innovative and forward-looking programme of events, ensures that the Abbey continues to exert a cultural influence which is felt far beyond the boundaries of the region.

The Corvey Music Festival in the sumptuous Imperial Hall or the baroque Abbey Church, the special exhibitions of works by celebrated artists and a large number of other events draw numerous visitors every year.

Corvey Abbey School offers a museum educational service with a wide-ranging programme on the art and history of Corvey for the most varied groups of visitors.

Visitors will find an extensive baroque complex containing a museum shop, the Abbey Restaurant and a wine house.


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